We are always looking for talented and enthusiastic undergraduate, graduate students and postdocs to become a part of AIMS lab. Our current projects are highly multi-disciplinary and involve close collaborations with experimental and theoretical colleagues on- and off-campus.

Postdocs: Motivated and independent postdocs with aspirations to pursue academic careers who are interested in joining our research group are encouraged to directly contact us at mjaq@uci.edu. In your cover letter, please include an up-to-date CV/resume and contact information for 2-3 references. Strong background in statistical mechanics and computational physics methods are required.

Graduate Students: First and second year graduate students with background and interest in mechanics of solids at small scales are encouraged to contact us at mjaq@uci.edu and inquire about scheduling a personal meeting. Our official PhD position advertisement can be found here: PhD Positions @ UCIrvine.

Prospective graduate students: We are currently looking for highly motivated and independent graduate students passionate about the fundamental properties of solids at the nano- and meso-scales. Strong background in mechanics of materials, thermodynamics, statistical physics, computational mechanics and atomistic simulation of materials are necessary tools for successful candidates in these positions. Interested domestic and international students with prior research experience (minimum of 1-2 years) are encouraged to contact us at mjaq@uci.edu and formally apply to our graduate admission program, please see the details at http://www.eng.uci.edu/dept/cee/graduate. The official advertisement can be found here: PhD Positions @ UCIrvine.

Undergraduate Students:  undergraduate students interested in performing independent research in the areas of computational materials and data analytics for sustainability are highly encouraged to send an email to professor Abdolhosseini at mjaq@uci.edu. The undergraduate research opportunity program (UROP) can provide you with training in computational skills that might lead to senior thesis work and moreover help you decide what to do after graduation. These positions are competitive and priorities are given to sophomores and juniors, so get involved early!